Benchmarking Retail Shoppability

A Journal of Shopper Research article and quiz

Course Description

To create satisfied and loyal customers, the most successful retailers effectively provide a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience. Researchers have identified five shoppability dimensions that determine the retail environment’s capacity to foster engagement and convert consumer demand into purchase. In this Journal of Shopper Research (JSR) article from Spring 2017, Raymond Burke and Neil Morgan discuss a research study that surveyed 4,726 shoppers on 16,562 grocery trips; the data reveals which shoppability factors most strongly influence customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  1. Define shoppability.
  2. Identify the five dimensions of shoppability that impact drive performance.
  3. Explain how the shoppability dimensions and their components influence customer satisfaction and loyalty, according to the research study described in the article.

Credits: Successful completion of this course will provide current Shop! MaRC holders with 0.5 PDU in Research towards their triennial recertification.


Course Length: 30 Minutes
Course Components: Journal of Shopper Research article, 10-question quiz
Shop! Value Cycle Focus: Phase 1 of the Shop! Value Cycle – Research
MaRC Recertification Credit: 0.5 MaRC – Research PDU
Cost: Members $25, Non-Members $50