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Making the Case for Small Stores

Such spaces can offer lower building costs, visual appeal and conscientious design




Aveda is among the brands exploring smaller store spaces/Roman

A growing number of forward-thinking retailers are making the environmental case for keeping their store spaces small, Women’s Wear Daily reports. Because buildings are a key component of creating a low-carbon future, the case for tiny stores is making major inroads.

Among those brands following the smaller-can-be-better ethos are such beauty brands as Aveda and The Ordinary, department store Bloomingdale’s Bloomie’s concept and jeweler Bario Neal’s store in Philadelphia.

“It’s pretty straightforward,” Greg Hale, cofounder and principal at The Catskill Project, a carbon-neutral living community in upstate New York told WWD. “You need fewer materials [and] you have less space to heat and cool.”

Click here for the start of the WWD story; the full version is behind a pay wall.

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