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On Our Radar: Sourced Market, Leeds, U.K.

This updated concept combines an eco-conscious vision with ease of experience




L EEDS SKELTON LAKE Services (Yorkshire, England), a motorway service station company, recently partnered with YourStudio (London) to create Sourced Market in Leeds. Combining the ideas of retail, well-being and a focus on environmental goals, the new concept hosts sustainable food choices with eco-conscious packaging.

Intended to serve as a backdrop for customer interaction and ease of food selection, the design team strove to innovate the service station retail and dining conventions, while keeping in line with its eco-conscious vision. What resulted was a warm- toned, open space with a natural feel. Utilizing demure lighting, the space is filled with a soft glow inviting customers to examine produce offerings.

The destination’s seating and flooring is introduced prior to customers entering the main space, spilling out into the hall. Inside, its color theme, while inviting, is meant to serve as a backdrop to the products; navy ceilings and dark, tiled floors contrast with natural wood and white concrete food counters.

📷:Courtesy of YourStudio, London

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