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Retailers Top “Most Trustworthy” Roster

Sector had the largest number of honorees in Newsweek rankings





Retailers made up the biggest business sector in Newsweek magazine’s “Most Trustworthy Companies in America 2023,” with 61 companies making the list, followed by 47 for energy and utilities and 46 in food and beverage.

In the online introduction to the survey’s results, Newsweek Global Editor-in-Chief Nancy Cooper said her publication undertook the effort “because trust plays a big part in customers’ decisions about what to buy, employees’ decisions about where to work and investors decisions about whether to invest.”

“We looked at a pool of 3,100 U.S. based companies (1800 publicly held and 1300 privately held) with revenues over $500 million,” Cooper wrote. “Their rankings were based on the results of an independent survey from a sample of about 25,000 people in the U.S. who were asked how much they agreed with statements like ‘I trust in this company to treat me fairly as its customer,’ ‘I believe this company offers good opportunities for career development’ and ‘I believe this company would be a good long-term investment.’”

The winning companies consist of 700 U.S. companies in 23 industries, and include such high-profile names asAmazon, Barnes & Noble and Walmart in retail, Publix and 7-11 in grocery and convenience stores, and The Cheesecake Factory in travel, dining and leisure. Newsweek teamed with market research firm Statista to compile the list.

Click here for access to the roster.

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