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Shoppers Seek More Functionality at Point of Sale

Digital-savvy consumers want the same experiences at in-store checkouts as online





When consumers returned to in-person shopping after the pandemic, they had different expectations at the point of sale (POS), says a recent article in DevPro Journal. After all, many had used their time in isolation exploring ways to shop online. They now want to use that knowledge when checking out in stores – but have often found they can’t.

That doesn’t have to be, says Tony Walsh, head of retail sales at Ingenico, a merchant-services technology company.

“ISV [Independent Software Vendor] solution providers have the opportunity to bundle solutions together to increase functionality at the point of sale and bring more value to merchants and their customers,” he says.

Walsh says point-of-sale add-ons fall into two main categories: solutions that enhance the customer experience (CX) and solutions that increase the merchant’s operational efficiency.

Given the availability of such technology, DevPro says it’s worthwhile for retailers to take the time to evaluate their checkout systems to ensure they’re offering “everything they can to meet digital-first customers’ expectations.”

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