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Shoppers Want Fewer Marketing Messages

Consumers unsubscribe from brands that bombard them




Retailers sending a constant stream of marketing e-mails to customers might want to slow that flow: Almost eight in 10 consumers (79 percent) unsubscribed from at least one retail brand in the past 90 days, saying they were tired of being bombarded by such marketing messages, The Optimove 2023 Consumer Marketing Fatigue Survey has found.

In addition, two-thirds of consumers (66 percent) surveyed want fewer marketing messages.

“The survey also points out that marketing fatigue is costly,” says Optimove CEO Pini Yakuel. “Marketers still erroneously believe that more messages will deliver more results. In fact, less is more. Fewer right messages at the right time will probably deliver equal or better results.

“If brands get this right, they can spend less on marketing and connect with consumers rather than burn them out. It is an opportunity to optimize marketing budgets and create customer loyalty for life.”

The results are based on an Optimove survey of 450 consumers in January 2023. Optimove is a customer-led marketing platform used by hundreds of consumer brands.

Click here for the full survey results.

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