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Survey: Most Mother’s Day Shoppers Plan Ahead

Only a tenth of respondents wait until last minute




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When it comes to buying gifts for Mother’s Day, only about a tenth (11 percent) of shoppers responding to a recent survey planned to wait until the last minute. Of the total respondents, 56 percent of shoppers plan on buying gifts at least two weeks in advance, with 24 percent gift-ready a month ahead of time, and another 28 percent ready with a gift at least one week before the holiday, which falls this year on May 14. (The figures add to more than 100 percent due overlaps in the categories.)

The results are from the Optimove Mother’s Day Shopping Survey of 400 consumers fielded in March 2023.

“Retailers need to be ready early with Mother’s Day, as savvy consumers think and plan about this holiday,” Pini Yakuel, CEO and founder of Optimove, said in a news release. “It shows that shopping for Mother’s Day is not a last-minute thought. Additionally, almost half buy a gift on top of flowers or a card. Right now, retailers should ask each customer if they are considering a gift for mom – if the answer is ‘yes’ – be ready to offer suggestions.”

Other findings from the survey include:

* Three-quarters of respondents said a sale would motivate them to buy earlier than planned.

* Six of 10 respondents plan on buying flowers, while about 45 percent buy clothing, gift cards, or jewelry. Three-quarters will buy a greeting card, with 45 percent choosing a physical card, 19 percent an online card, and 11 percent both.

Click here for more results from the survey.

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