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Sweet’N Low Launches Salon Pop-Up at TWA Hotel

Pink-infused “Sweet’N Glow” space transports visitors back to the ’60s (and its hairstyles)




PHOTOGRAPHY:  Courtesy of Sweet'N Glow Salon PHOTOGRAPHY:  Courtesy of Sweet’N Glow Salon

Sweet’N Low (Brooklyn, N.Y.), the zero-calorie “pink” artificial sweetener, has partnered with the TWA Hotel at New York’s JFK Airport to bring a one-of-a-kind experience to travelers and visitors alike – the “Sweet’N Glow” salon. Housed in architect Eero Saarinen’s landmark 1962 TWA Flight Center, the space housing the pop-up was reborn as a 512-room hotel in 2019.

“Just in time for summer, nostalgia-seekers and pink-lovers alike will revel in the ambiance inspired by the ’60s, a time of revolutionary hairstyles popularized by stars like the Ronettes and Twiggy,” the company said in a news release. “The new ‘Sweet’N Glow’ salon will transport guests back in time with its mid-century aesthetic featuring original beehive hairdryers, a retro wig display, and vintage Sweet’N Low and TWA décor.”

📷 Courtesy of Sweet’N Glow Salon

📷 Courtesy of Sweet’N Glow Salon

Visitors can slip on a pink smock and sit under a dryer while they flip through vintage-inspired magazines, or they can pose behind the salon desk with custom wallpaper of ‘60s-era hairstyles in the background.

“We couldn’t imagine a more perfectly pink, retro way to bring our Sweet’N Low brand to life,” said Sara Hoskow, Marketing Manager at Sweet’N Low. “We were thrilled at the opportunity to collaborate with the TWA Hotel, a space that already felt so naturally suited to our nostalgic tone. We can’t wait for guests and travelers to transport back in time at this immersive experience to reminisce about such a ‘sweet’ time.”

Sweet’N Low said the pop-up is open for a limited time, but did not disclose an end date for it.

📷 Courtesy of Sweet’N Low Salon/TWA/Sweet’N Low

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