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Tesla Cybertruck Breaks Tradition with Camouflage Wrap

Musk truck outing raises possibility of customized factory wraps.




A Tesla Cybertruck prototype has been sighted –a rarity in itself–covered in a camouflage vinyl wrap.

While automakers typically use camouflage to conceal design elements of new models, Tesla has traditionally relied on uncamouflaged test mules for their prototypes, reports InsideEEVs.

The camouflaged Cybertruck was recently photographed and videoed exiting a Palo Alto, California, In-N-Out Burger drive-through.

Tesla owner, Elon Musk, only added to the mystery by commenting “Good thing we used camo lol” in regard to the photos.

Close examination of the photos apparently show no discernible differences compared to previous sightings of the Cybertruck.

One possibility proposed, is that Tesla may be considering offering factory wraps as an option for the Cybertruck, given the vehicle will not be painted. Tesla has previously offered in-house vehicle wrapping services in China, suggesting a potential market for customizing the Cybertruck through wraps.


A second comment from Musk – this one in a tweet – that “it’s a tradition” only raised further questions. Was he talking about the truck, the wrap, or eating at In-N-Out Burger?


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