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Top Tech Trends in Luxury Fashion Retail

Digital systems make it easier for high-end brands to connect with customers




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High-end fashion retailers are finding that when it comes to connecting with customers and boosting their bottom line, tech is chic, writes Fabio Caversan, VP of Digital Business and Innovation at IT solutions firm Stefanini (Aguariuna, Brazil).

“From big data and new apps to powerful platforms and sleek solutions, digital technologies are making it easier for luxury fashion brands to connect and learn about their customers, implement sophisticated inventory management strategies and optimize omnichannel efforts,” Caversan writes on

“This results in a heightened ability to drive in-store engagement and create personalized customer experiences, sharpen the supply chain and deliver a seamless omnichannel shopping journey.”

Stefanini specializes in servicing luxury fashion brands, equipping them with solutions to digitally transform their business and the customer experience. And right now, much of that action centers around various ways of making the most of artificial intelligence, Caversan says.

“Data analytics and centralization. Hyper-personalization and microtargeting. Inventory management. Customer service. All require AI to effectively scale and deliver at the level expected of luxury retailers.”

Click here for Caversan’s full column for Forbes.

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