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Shop! Economic Advisor

Launched in January 2014, Shop! members started receiving a new quarterly report written by ITR Economics exclusively for Shop! members. The economists at ITR have customized their analysis to focus their industry performance indicators on those that have the most impact on retail environments. This valuable insight will help you forecast your business through qualitative analysis of industry trends. The report will be broken down into these key areas;

  • Macro Economic Trends – This section will include current events, U.S. market specific updates, U.S. state opportunity index, Federal Reserve overview, and answers to readers’ questions.
  • Market Forecasts – ITR Economics will provide charts and supporting text for both ‘Multi-Retail Construction’ and ‘Construction Additions and Alterations.’  These trends will be forecast out 12 months and will be refined with each issue.
  • Qualitative Analysis – The quarterly report will provide written commentary on Retail Sales and include a qualitative look at the specific series, as well as any surrounding factors the economists deem important to the series outlook.  The ITR economists will rotate the topical analysis around General Merchandising (department and variety stores), Other Stores (electronic, office, clothing, and hobby stores), Private Shopping Centers, and Inflation and Wages.

This valuable report will be distributed only to Shop! member companies, giving you valuable competitive advantages. This service also includes access to the economists. If you have questions about their analysis, you have direct access to converse with them.

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