Shopper Engagement Study Reports

For more than 65 years, Shop! has emphasized the importance of researching shopper behavior and the influence of in-store marketing programs. Understanding how a shopper not only prepares for a trip, but how they navigate the in-store experience and where they make purchase decisions are key to understanding the whole path-to-purchase for shoppers. As the non-profit association for Shopper Marketing Professionals, Shop! has dedicated itself to assisting today’s top agencies, brands, producers, and retailers in understanding the shopper mindset.

Study Overview

Three major Mass Merchant retail chains
• A subset of shoppers wore eye-tracking equipment
• Pre- and post- interviews
• 2,991 Mass Merchant shoppers, Age 18+
• Shoppers on a fill-in, stock-up, or quick-trip shopping trips were invited to participate
• Four broad U.S. geographic census regions, and the number of interviews conducted in each region closely reflected the census balance

Study Objectives

Ethnographers logged and audited every characteristic and placement of displays in each store to evaluate channel trends and the overall influence of displays


• Quantify how and the degree to which shoppers make their purchase decisions in the store (Purchase Decision Rates)
• Profile the amount and characteristics of displays present in-store and the extent to which those materials influenced shoppers’ in-store decision-making
• Understand the characteristics of shopping trips and store shop-ability


• Understand shopper behavior, in particular their re-action and interactions to/with the displays in store
• Measure shopper behavior as shoppers naturally shopped in different channels
• Observe and measure shopping behavior providing measurement at 3 levels of engagement: Shopper Path Track, Aisle/Category/Shelf, & Displays Engagement
• Integrate shopper behavior results with self-reported pre- and post- surveys
• Identify patterns of behavior and new insights


Ideal for companies looking for a comprehensive view of Mass Merchant and Grocery Shoppers.
The report will help companies:
• Understand where the purchase decision takes place
• Understand the effectiveness of the in-store displays
• Identify distinguishing characteristics of the shopping trip
You will also learn:
• Purchase decision rates for all major product categories
• Display effectiveness measurements across all categories
• Demographics of the shoppers

Retailer-Blind Aggregate Report
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Non-Members: $299


Ideal for companies looking to understand the specific purchase influencers in specific categories (see category list). Category purchasers also receive the shopper data for those categories.
Category reports contain information from the Aggregate report plus:
– In-depth information on one specific category
– Insights into specific category buyers
– Answers to questions regarding impulse decisions in the chosen category along with priorities when making a selection in that category.

Discounts are available for companies looking for more than one category report.

Report Category Reports
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