Shop! Continuing Education Program

Are you up-to-date on the trends and practices that are shaping your field? Take a Shop! course and expand your retail environment skills and knowledge!

Shop! Educational Webinars

These courses are based on webinars that are developed and delivered by subject matter experts and/or instructional designers. Prices vary.

Legal Issues in Retail Environments

Explore the trending legal issues in retail environments. Learn how to comply with privacy laws, leverage intangible assets, protect customer relationships from departing employees, and minimize losses in the event that your customer files for bankruptcy protection.

Attract and Retain Talent in Today’s Tight Hiring Market

In today’s tough hiring market, companies are competing for the best talent. Find out what it takes to attract new talent, and learn tips for retaining your top employees.

Wide-Format Printing

Explore the innovations and challenges of wide-format printing in retail.

The Academics of Negotiating

Understand different negotiating positions and learn tricks of the trade to create a negotiating proposition where both parties win. Originally presented by Teri Mascotti on July 25, 2018, for the Shop! Women’s League.

Design Trends and the Enhanced CX

Explore the emerging design trends that are shaping the industry! Originally presented by Bruce Barteldt of Little on June 27, 2018.

Multimedia Marketing at the Point of Purchase

Learn how brands and retailers are using digital signage, interactive displays, and mobile technologies to heighten the customer experience and lift sales.


Explore the sustainability trends and guidelines that apply to retail buildings and displays, and learn the financial benefits of “going green”.


To steer buyers towards your product or brand, you must understand how the shopper’s brain responds to marketing stimuli and how the retail environment triggers buying behavior.

Shop! Podcast Quizzes

These half-hour courses consist of a Shop! podcast and a ten-question quiz. $15 for members; $30 for non-members.

Emotions in Retail

Explore the importance of human emotions in retail design.

Counter Neuroplasticity with these Retail Strategies

Learn how to help your company think outside the box. This skill is crucial for designing new products and experiences that appeal to shoppers’ senses.

Build Emotional Connections in Retail with AI and Big Data

How are retailers using big data effectively today…and how will they use AI in the future?

Continuous Adaptation

TD Bank serves as a case study for embracing innovation to stay ahead of customers’ needs.

Y2K Called, It Wants Its Prototype Back: Bringing Stores Into the 21st Century

A strategy for integrated, dynamic and scalable store prototyping.

Shop! Research Quizzes

These half-hour courses consist of a Journal of Shopper Research
article or a White Paper and a ten-question quiz.  Price: $15 for members; $30 for non-members.

Understanding the Drivers of Shopper Loyalty Across Retail Channels

Learn the drivers of shopper loyalty across the major retail channels: grocery, pharmacy, mass, dollar, convenience.  Also: strategies to leverage the drivers.

Virtual Reality for Shopper Research

Explore how virtual reality simulations are being used in market research.  Also: the benefits and limitations of virtual store simulations.

The Influence of an In-store Gift

Learn how an in-store gift of a flower impacts customers’ emotional arousal and influences their shopping behavior.

Distinctive Experiences

Learn strategies for delivering distinct and memorable experiences. Also, survey different types of retail “experience” applications.

2017 Shop! ROI Standards: In-Store Marketing Materials

Maximize the potential of your POP displays! This Shop! White Paper offers guidelines for developing and implementing in-store marketing materials, improving compliance, calculating ROI, and more.

2017 Shop! ROI Standards: Store Redesign

This White Paper discusses the trends that are reshaping bricks-and-mortar stores.  Learn how redesign goals and metrics vary among retailers, designers, and fixture manufacturers.

Benchmarking Retail Shoppability

Find out which retail environment shoppability factors most strongly influence customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Strategies to Drive Financial Growth Through Customer Centric Experience

How can you win your customers’ loyalty and word of mouth? Find out what customers want most in their shopping experiences; then leverage these values in a strategy that will boost your bottom line.

Lost Opportunities Not Captured by Big Data

Big data doesn’t explain why shoppers passed by a product or abandoned their search. Quantitative ethnography can help you fill in these gaps and stimulate more trips and larger baskets.

Organizing and Measuring to Deliver Customer Experience Excellence

To maximize the potential of your “Voice of the Customer” (VOC) program, you need to know two things: how customers remember retail experiences and how to collect their feedback effectively.

Shop! Sponsored Webinars

These courses consist of a recorded live, sponsored webinar and a five-question quiz. Price: no charge for members; varies for nonmembers.

How to use Flooring to Create Experiential In-store Environments

Discover how the right flooring welcomes and inspires customers to shop…while increasing a store’s revenues and saving money.

Designing Better Displays: Bring your Ideas to Life using Tapes and Adhesives

Discover and learn the best double-sided tape solutions to enable quality and consistency of displays in the retail environment.

Leveraging Technology to Maximize Your Retail Display Investment

Learn about digital display techniques for engaging shoppers, learn the benefits of using a remote content management system, and watch a demo of a system in action.

Shop! awards 1 Professional Development Unit (PDU) per hour of course time. For MaRC holders, these PDUs will be automatically applied towards their triennial recertification.

Please check this page regularly for new activities. If you have questions about Shop! continuing education activities, please contact Madeline Baumgartner, Director of Education & Research, at