Defining the “Next” Normal – Episode #9: An Introspective Look at Convenience Stores During the Time of COVID-19
September 8, 2020
Sustainability at Retail – Episode #1 Introduction to the New Series
October 22, 2020
Defining the “Next” Normal – Episode #10 An introspective look at retail during the time of COVID-19 – Series Wrap Up

In this episode, Shop! brings back the original panelists from the first episode in the series.

We spoke with our original panel to get updates on retail, what worked and what didn’t as the worldwide pandemic put retailers into panic mode. As many retailers were already struggling with lower in-store foot traffic and therefore lower sales, the virus changed the way they did business. From PPE to PPP loans, listen to how retailers coped in the past few months and hear how they will resume business as usual in the Next Normal.


Moderator: Cynthia Hirsch, President, Collaborative Design Strategies

Sarah Jo Sautter, Director of Marketing, JGA
Josh Dunning, Director, Store Planning & Design at Brooks Brothers
Neal Claassen, Business Strategist, SevenPoint Interiors, a division of Visual Elements
Mark Badhwar, RDI, Vice President, Retail Services, Kingsmen Projects Pte Ltd
Paul Pinkus, Sharing Wisdom, Inc.