Industry Reports & White Papers

The primary research goal is to provide a better understanding of the market structure, sizing and direction for the point-of-purchase and visual merchandising/store fixtures industry. As the leading voice for the industry, Shop! seeks to be well-armed with the insights that help guide member companies toward successful business decisions and elevate the role that in-store marketing, store design and visual merchandising plays in today’s in-store retail marketing mix.

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2020 Reports & White Papers

Top OSHA Violations and How to Mitigate Them

Creating and maintaining a safe work environment should be a major priority for all manufacturers, retailers, designers, and suppliers of the retail industry. Injuries and accidents occur when employees are not properly trained and committed to safety compliance.

This white paper will look at the safety standards that are most frequently violated in the United States, their implications, and how retailers and their supplier companies can help mitigate these issues from their establishments. The goals of this white paper are to create awareness of the OSHA standards; enhance the safety of Shop! member employees; protect Shop! members against potential OSHA fines; and educate Shop! members to help mitigate/eliminate OSHA fines.

Trend: Continuous Adaptation

Retail Roadmap for 2021 and Beyond

This white paper, sponsored by OPTO, will take a deeper look at how the retail landscape has transitioned forever due to COVID-19. To survive, retailers must recalibrate, accounting for six general pillars of change: Convenience, Infrastructure, Cleanliness, Visual/Graphical Communication, Technology Integration, and Operational Flow.

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Trend: Continuous Adaptation

UNDERSTANDING THE SHOPPER: Pre-Store, To-Store, In-Store, Post-Store

In this white paper, you will see many research metrics and techniques that are applicable to multiple phases along the path to purchase. The key to determining the technique to use is based on the metric needed to answer the key business questions. As retailers and brands embrace continuous adaptation to meet the evolving needs of their customers, they must be willing to experiment with new ideas. An informed, research-based approach to decision making helps companies successfully reinvent themselves and deliver improved experiences to their customers. As with any retail and research projects, metrics and techniques need to be agreed upon between key parties during the planning stage. And as retail changes, so too must research metrics and techniques.

Trend: Continuous Adaptation

Grab-and-Go Single-Serve Beverage Merchandising @ Retail

This white paper will look at how brands and retailers can increase impulse purchases of single-serve beverages by offering opportunities for purchase in various locations throughout the store with a targeted grab-and-go campaign. You will see the key steps your company can take to implement a program, the benefits of a compliantly executed program, the key fixtures, displays, and locations used for beverage grab-and-go programs, along with ideas for creating “rest stop” locations within a “non-food” store.

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Trend: Putting the Wow in Retail

Special Report: Insights from EuroShop2020

In February, 2,300 companies from 57 nations exhibited at EuroShop 2020 in Düsseldorf, Germany. A total of 94,000 visitors attended to gather information on new products, trends, and concepts for retailers and their partners within the16 exhibition halls. This special report contains highlights from the Retail Marketing Stage hosted by Shop!, along with insights and photos on retail technologies, changes in POP displays, retail environments and materials from our members during their time at the show.

Trend: Putting the Wow in Retail

The Brick-and-Mortar Retail Advantage: Why Shoppers Keep Coming Back to the Physical Store

This white paper is the first in a two-part series on shopper insights designed to help to build the ultimate shopping experience. In part one, we look at what drives people to shop in general and, more specifically, at brick and mortar stores. We also explore why physical retail stores are still a critical part of the shopping experience for customers.

Trend: Continuous Adaptation

2019 Reports & White Papers

Putting the WOW into Retail

To be successful, brick and mortar retail needs to balance the creation of experiential in-store environments that engage and inspire with meeting shopper demands. Doing this enables physical stores to differentiate from the e-commerce path, increasing their relevance. This white paper starts with shopper motivations and insights, the foundation for the design of any in-store design. It then highlights what brands and retailers need to do to achieve best in-class activations. Finally, this report includes best practices to achieve success and case studies on how to win.

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Trend: Putting the Wow in Retail

The Art of Window Design

This White Paper explores the history of The Art of Window Design, dating back to 1883 with Macy’s first Christmas window. See the global trends today and expectations for the next 12 months. The paper shows how retail windows have evolved and yet in ways stayed the same over the years. Designs, materials, and lighting options have come, gone, and returned, but the same goals hold true: Tell the brand story, attract the shopper into the store, and convince them to buy.

Trend: Putting the Wow in Retail

In-Store Retail Packaging

This Shop! Environments Association white paper explores what types of packaging garner more shopper attention and why. More specifically, it covers the basics of packaging, how to work with suppliers to balance the needs of the brands and retailer, how to ease shoppers’ purchasing decisions with design, and how to manage the in-store packaging lifecycle.

Trend: Collaboration and Alliances

Temporary Retail Environments: Where You Need Them. When You Need Them.

Retail is no longer defined by four walls and a long-term lease. With temporary retail and pop-up shops on the rise, opportunities to create consumer transaction experiences. Through examples in an empty storefront, an incubator in a mall, an airport and a stadium concourse, this white paper will show best practices to maximize the power of temporary retail and ways to create unique opportunities to make a sale.

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Trend: Continuous Adaptation

2018 Reports & White Papers

Retail Store Fixtures: Addressing the Changing Needs of Brick-and-Mortar Stores

Great customer experience is key to customer loyalty and repeat sales. The ultimate store environment not only delights shoppers, it also makes it easier for store employees to do their jobs. Fixtures that are easy to modify or keep backstock within reach help employees provide good customer service. This white paper will help retailers choose the right store fixtures to address the changing needs in the physical store, specifically covering:

  • Using space wisely in a smaller footprint
  • Changing the store environment to meet peak demands
  • Bridging the gap between online and in-store customer experience

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POP Display & Store Fixture Lighting

This white paper covers the fundamentals of retail lighting and explains how to assess various lighting systems to ensure the purchase of quality products that will deliver the desired results. The paper also includes best practices for developing and evaluating illuminated POP displays and store fixtures.

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Enhancing Customer Experience and ROI with Modular POP Displays and Store Fixtures

The total customer experience is more important than ever to remain competitive. To enhance the in-store experience, retailers are continually refreshing, remodeling, and reinvigorating their stores. Because of this, modularity in Point of Purchase (POP) displays, store fixtures, and lighting is becoming essential. Modularity allows retailers to easily reconfigure displays and fixtures to meet the changing product and marketing needs.

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2018 Merchandising Solutions: Space Management and Fixture Considerations to Maximize ROI

This white paper examines how selecting the right store fixtures and implementing effective space management and visual merchandising programs can build the brand/store image, tell the brand story, and create an experiential environment that will keep shoppers coming back.

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2017 Reports & White Papers


Retail Without Boundaries

Retail is being revolutionized, and at the heart of it, consumers and their technologies. Retail is no longer defined as brick and mortar versus online; it lives everywhere. Knowing how to keep up with changing consumer preferences and having the ability to make sense of technology’s rapid evolution arms companies with the necessary tools to communicate with and integrate into the lives of shoppers no matter the touchpoints and channels they interact with. Learn about the steps retailers and brand marketers can take to ensure their retail programs are designed for today’s landscape and the tech savvy customers who travel it.

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Sustainability at Retail

There are many benefits and obstacles to sustainability, not to mention rating systems, ecolabels, and customer perceptions. Moreover, they are always changing. Shop! created a special report to help you learn about these topics and more. The report provides a glimpse at the Shop! Online Continuing Education Sustainability course and includes an excerpt from the Sustainability chapter of the 2017 MaRC Exam Prep course textbook. The report also includes three case studies from association members, providing you with practical information on applying green building practices to store redesign and point of purchase displays.  While the retail community is admittedly at varying stages of the green building continuum, sustainability is a journey.


Reinventing Customer Experience

This special report Shop! presents shopper behavior insights from two important sources to help you create an experience that is truly distinctive. Shop! selected insights from the research paper by Joseph Pine II & James Gilmore featured in the Spring 2017 edition of the Journal of Shopper Research as well as content that JGA Chairman Ken Nisch shared in the new Shop! MaRC Exam Prep

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