Personalization in Retail: Part 1 – Customer Experience
July 22, 2019
Continuous Adaptation
July 22, 2019
Personalization in Retail: Part 2 – Store Design

Without a doubt, effective retail design can have a tangible and far-reaching impact on a business. In this episode of Retail Decoded we ask our experts Jean Paul Morresi creative lead and partner at Watt International Inc. and Heidi DeMers, Corp Manager of Store Design at The Kroger Company on what every retailer should consider when designing a new store or updating their existing retail concepts.


Bruce Barteldt, Global Retail Practice Leader and Senior Partner with Little
Jean-Paul Morresi, Creative Partner at Watt International
Andrew Theo, Creative Director / Retail Strategy at JJ&A
Dawn Rochester, Creative Services Manager at International Paper
Cynthia Hirsch, Client Services Manager with IA Interior Architects
Petr Simek, Founder and Managing Director of WELLEN Retail Experience
Brian Perlow, Senior Account Manager with Bergmeyer
Anthony Barsi, Retail Studio Leader with Little