Shop! Governance

Shop! Officers


Bruce Barteldt
Chief Innovation Officer

Executive Director

Paul Hagar
Shop Environments Association

Vice Chairman

Brad Stewart
Executive Vice President
Hera Lighting, LP


Francisco DeJesus
President & CEO
Universal Display & Fixtures

Past President

Joel Katterhagen
B&N Industries

Board of Directors

Ron Apel
Ex-Sell Sales & Merchandising

Ryan Brevda
Ryan Scott, Inc.

Cynthia Hirsch
Collaborative Design Strategies

John Jaffke
DJ Jaffke Consulting

Ellen Johnson
Noa Brands

Lynn Knutson
Artitalia Group Inc.

Ken Nisch

Jim Scarpone
Shawmut Design + Construction

Kevin Tierney

Hubert Van Doorne
Nexmosphere B.V.

Steve Varon
Crown Metal Manufacturing Company

Rachel Zsembery
Bergmeyer Associates

Shop! Team

Paul Hagar
Executive Director

Sheila Lee
General Manager

Global Development

Leo van de Polder, MaRC
Global Development Director,
Global Education Manager,
+31 (0)6 5108 2565

Sales: Advertising & Sponsorship

John Enright

Membership and Awards

Emily Brochstein
Membership and Awards Director

Amanda Frio
Membership and Database Coordinator


Andrew VanWasshnova
Program Director

Josie Mendez
Governance and Communications Coordinator

Events & Meetings

Libby Settle
Meetings Manager

Marketing & Communications

Alexandra Ozerkis
VP, Marketing & Communications

Stan Samples
Director, Marketing & Communications

Kara Yacovone
Manager, Marketing & Communications


Jo Rossman
LEED AP ID+C, Publisher/Editor

Education & Research

Madeline Baumgartner, MaRC
Director of Education & Research



Education Council

Council works to build a course structure that delivers better certification and standards for improving our value and therefore success. This effort will result in our members being recognized globally as best qualified in their field. Success here will lead to higher talent levels for our members on all fronts.

Council Members
Cindi Kato, Board Liaison
Madeline Baumgartner, Staff Liaison
Melissa Molyneaux, Council Chair
Andrea Voznikova, Council Vice Chair

Research Council

Council works to position Shop! as the world’s leading Retail Think Tank. We will establish ourselves as the most accurate, credible resource for predictive analytics regarding the evolving shopper experience.

Council Members
Teri Mascotti, Board Liaison
Madeline Baumgartner, Staff Liaison
Paul Hagar, Staff Liaison
Kevin Tierney, Council Chair
Anne Samoyedny, Council Vice Chair

Industry Future Council

Council strives to bring the next generation of talent into our industry and association with PAVE playing a significant role. Also, work to encourage more diversification in our membership, board and strategic leadership councils. The result of this strategic direction (essential to our future success) will be membership and board participation that better reflects the world we live and work in.

Council Members
Rachel Zsembery, Board Liaison
Dash Nagel, Staff Liaison
Tara Liong, Council Chair
Open, Council Vice Chair

Producer Council

Council works to ensure producer members are engaged in tangible opportunities proving the value of the association. The Council will work to assure focus on Producer members of the association.

Council Members
Mike Haddon, Board Liaison
Dave Mueller, Board Liaison
Paul Hagar, Staff Liaison
Mike Schliesmann, Council Chair
Open, Council Vice Chair

Creative Council

Council works to ensure all design and creative member segments are engaged in tangible opportunities proving the value of the association. The Council will work to further develop focus on collaborative inspiration and the design process.

Bruce Barteldt, Board Liaison
Paul Hagar, Staff Liaison
Cynthia Hirsch, Council Chair
Jean Paul Morresi, Council Vice Chair

Global Council

Council works to position Shop! as a unified Global association. As a result, we expect to bring members from around the world together to create a more connected and collaborative association through our unique channels.

Council Members
Francisco De Jesus, Board Liaison
Anna Lebedeva, Council Chair
Leo Van De Polder, Council Vice Chair
Paul Hagar, Secretary

Retail Execution Ad Hoc Committee

Foster a community for those offering retail execution within Shop! membership. Help generate retail execution content as part of Shop! outputs. Composed of former WARES members.