Sustainability at Retail – Episode #1 Introduction to the New Series
October 22, 2020

“How I Met My Challenge” a Ratings Winner!

A look at the Retail Challenge during Shop! X 2020

On November 4-5, 2020, Shop! Association brought together some of the best in retail design to solve a challenge very relevant to today.

With the global pandemic moving many consumers to shop hyper-local, and the continuing trend to purchase online, what’s the best approach in building a retail space in a local neighborhood retail center in an exurban location? Add to this a third trend of consumers embracing of social and sustainability values in brands.

In building teams comprised of retailers, brands, designers, specifiers and producers, the Shop! Retail Challenge provided a venue for others to work and network together, with the resulting advantage of a 360 degree perspective from all disciplines. The program was sponsored by Hera Lighting, so incorporating their products was a plus for the teams.

The “location” for the store was described as 15 minutes from center of the city, with a customer based of single young professionals, young families and seniors, representing a diversity in incomes, race and lifestyle. “Residents” asked for access to culture and entertainment, in a less dense, walkable community, but close to mass transit.

After the video presentations from the teams, concepts were judged by a multidisciplinary panel: Cynthia Hirsch, President of Collaborative Design Strategies and Chairperson for Shop!’s Creative Council; Doug Jerum, Executive Vice President of Sabre Advisors, a full-service boutique retail real estate and national advisory firm; Leo van de Polder,  Shop!’s Global Development Director and Global Education Manager; and Myra Vaughn, Principal with Kenneth Park Architects and the Retail Challenge brief facilitator.

Teams created a video of the design concept, which was judged based on business value, innovation, sustainability, design quality and presentation. Team Two won the Judges Award and Team Three took home the Viewers’ Choice Award.

Team One

Maria Agostina Perez
Mondelez Argentina

James Farnell

Kevin Eitzenberger
Palram Americas

Joshua Kingsley
Bearwood Concepts Inc.

Joshua Kingsley
Bearwood Concepts Inc.


Judges Award!

Team Two

Ildiko Katai and Reka Nagy
Essity Hungary

Daniel Montano Leon

Jerry Fox
Bish Creative

Eva Lupi
Visual Illusion

Geoff Wigner
Nashville Display


Viewers' Choice Award!

Team Three

Rachel Harrington
The Home Depot

Andre Lozano
The Home Depot

Joel Katterhagen
B+N Industries

Kevin Shultis
B+N Industries

Robb Northrup


Team Four

Sarah Carter
The Home Depot

Giselle Morteo Quiroga
Mondelez Argentina

Petr Simek
Wellen Retail Experience

Ricki Pasinelli
B+N Industries

Ryan Brevda & Daniel Lecky
Ryan Scott Inc.


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