To meet all of your recruiting needs, Shop! members now have access to a highly focused job platform

  • Find, recruit, and match job seekers to retail jobs based on an individual’s skill-sets and product knowledge
  • Receive job candidate matches based on tags and other criteria selected during job post creation
  • Pay only for matches

Members/Employers are presented with a ranked list of qualified Seekers immediately upon posting rather than waiting for applications from candidates who may not even be qualified. Seekers who don’t meet the job requirements never get the option to apply.

With easy-to-skim profiles and user-uploaded introductory videos, employees are better informed before the interview process, helping them locate the right hire faster.

Save Time. Automatically receive a list of seekers matching requirements.

Pre-Screen. Get a better feel for Seekers with video introductions.

Get in Touch. Contact Seekers via the in-app messaging system for a faster response, or use their email and phone number.

Track your Progress. Easily understand which jobs and locations need more attention with our intuitive Dashboard.

Make Better Hires. Drive better in-store experiences and sales performance with qualified people.