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Fixing Glitches in the Last Mile Can Unlock Retailers’ Growth

Final leg in delivery process still riddled with inefficiencies





The so-called last mile – the part of a customer order from the distribution hub to its final destination – plays an important role in retailers’ growth strategies. Yet two-thirds of logistics managers say it’s still the least efficient part of the supply chain.

That said, the right technology in the last mile can help cut costs while improving customer satisfaction and accelerating business growth, concludes nShift, a provider of parcel delivery management and shipment software.

According to recent research, nShift says, almost two in three logistics managers view the last mile as the least efficient part of the supply chain, partly because of missed deliveries and disjointed processes. Separately, Capgemini Research Institute found that almost three quarters of customers would increase their spend with retailers who get the delivery experience right.

“Delivery management is crucial to customer satisfaction but can be difficult to execute at scale. Every mistake represents a cost – and, potentially, a lost customer,” says Sean Sherwin-Smith, nShift ‘s Product Director Post-Purchase. “We’re seeing more and more brands opting to invest in suites which help them run deliveries smarter – while also meeting the high expectations of customer today.”

nShift highlights four key areas which retailers should scrutinize to maximize their growth potential through delivery management:

* Offer outstanding customer experiences


* Create fast deployment systems

 * Provide end-to-end capabilities

* Design returns to drive retention of shoppers

“It’s very easy to cut corners and pursue false economies in delivery management,” said Sherwin-Smith said. “Investing in the right technology can make deliveries key drivers of both customer retention and growth.”

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