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Most Valuable Retail Brands Include Nike, Louis Vuitton and Amazon

Overall rankings topped by Apple, the first company to top the trillion-dollar mark in brand equity




Apple, whose retail operations include 500-plus stores worldwide, again tops the latest brand rankings by Kantar BrandZ. Shown is Apple’s first floating store, in Singapore. Photo: moomusician/

What are the world’s most valuable brands? One widely watched barometer of that is Kantar BrandZ’s “Most Valuable Global Brands Report 2024,” whose rankings are based on a combination of detailed financial data and extensive brand-equity research.

Holding the overall No.1 position in the rankings for the third year in a row is Apple, which also became the first brand in the survey to exceed $1 trillion in brand value. Rounding out the top five are Google, Microsoft and Amazon, whose presence Kantar says reflect technology’s enduring place in everyday life, and McDonald’s, whose showing is due in large part to its continual innovation, including its use of artificial intelligence (AI) for scenarios such as dynamic menu boards and order prediction.

Within the retail sector, here are some of the most powerful names:

Apparel: Nike retains its No.1 brand position in this category, but the gap between competitors has narrowed. Zara’s 47% growth made it the second-biggest riser in terms of rank change in the Global Top 100, rising 24 places to No.70. Lululemon’s innovative approach to athleisure and commitment to quality delivered 24% brand value growth, lifting it into the Global Top 100 for the first time.

Luxury: Louis Vuitton remains the most valuable brand in the luxury category with a brand valuation of $130 billion. Hermès has also excelled by enhancing its exclusivity and premium pricing, thriving in both U.S. and Chinese markets, leading to a 23% growth in brand value.

General retail: Amazon retains its position as the most valuable retail brand with brand value growth of 6%. Innovation around product accessibility, as well as pricing sensitivity to changing consumer behaviors, delivered strong performances for Lowe’s, Aldi and TJ Maxx, as well as regional ecommerce giants Pinduoduo and Mercado Libre.


This year’s BrandZ rankings underscore the resilience of top performers, Kantar says, with the total value of the Global Top 100 rebounding 20% to hit $8.3 trillion, close to the 2022 peak of $8.7 trillion. Since its launch in 2006, the brand value of the Global Top 100 has increased 474%.

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