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New York Greenlights Cannabis Sales at Events

’Growers showcases’ could bring marijuana to fairs, festivals, and concerts by end of summer.




The New York State Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) has given the green light to selling cannabis at fairs, festivals, concerts, and other related events.

John Kagia, the director of policy for OCM, introduced the concept of a “growers showcase” to enable farmers to sell their products at various events. He said this move will offer consumers access to regulated cannabis products across the state while benefiting farmers by allowing them to offload their surplus inventory.

The decision comes as a possible solution to the delays faced in opening retail stores, reports WXXI News. OCM has now approved 463 retail licenses, but only 20 stores have managed to open so far, leaving approximately 200 licensed farmers, who grew cannabis last year, with limited legal outlets to sell their crops.

To set up cannabis stands at outdoor events, local government approval is required, with exclusions for municipalities that voted against cannabis retail dispensaries. The new rules also permit licensed retailers to collaborate with up to three growers for sales at these events.

The Cannabis Association of New York (CANY) released a statement Wednesday cautiously praising the board’s approval of the measure, but acknowledging that further work is needed to finalize the regulations.

“This is an initiative we have supported with thoughtful and evidence-based recommendations to the Office of Cannabis Management,” CANY said. “But now, as with any new program, the devil is in the details. We await the details of the ‘grower’s showcase’ and look to see how the OCM will put this into practice.”

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