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Retail Environments magazine wins Silver Award for Special Section

Magazine challenge section garners accolades from judges




Retail Environments magazine received a Silver Award for a special section that one judge noted, “oozes creativity and fun, from concept to design to editorial.” For the fourth consecutive year, Retail Environments magazine has been recognized for editorial and design excellence in the Tabbie Awards, organized by TABPI (Trade Association Business Publications International).

In addition to “oozing fun,” the judge commented: “The design uses playful color and layout customization throughout to blend all elements into an accessible package. Concise, light writing provides for an all-around entertaining read.” Another judge noted: “The use of color in heads and subheads complements the renderings, and the copy nicely showcases the problem-solving approaches of members. Fun to look at and learn from.”

Retail Environments is the flagship magazine for Shop! Environments Association, the global trade association dedicated to enhancing retail environments and experiences. In addition to the Silver Award for a Special Section in the January/February 2018 issue, the magazine also won an Honorable Mention for Feature Design for its Sleeper Segment in the May/June 2018 issue.

The 2019 Tabbie Awards featured nearly 400 entries, with nominations coming from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, the U.K and the U.S.

“Few honors could be more rewarding than to hear that a special section your team developed received accolades for each of the major magazine development components: concept, editorial and design! This section was intended to engage our highly creative audience in the retail industry, and we were thrilled with the level of participation,” said Jo Rossman, LEED AP ID+C, publisher/editor. “We presented an industry design challenge, and our Association members delivered with some amazing results.”

Presented by TABPI, this 16-year-old editorial and design competition was open to English-language b2b publications worldwide, published at least three times per year. Retail Environments is published six times a year with two additional special issues: Design Awards Winners Book and OMA Awards Annual. Retail Environments is distributed to more than 24,000 retailers, brands, designers and industry suppliers.


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