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Veiled Opportunities: Keeping Up with Evolving Weddings

Experimentation and individualism driving the bridal retail market





The global bridal wear market is constantly evolving, making it critical for retailers and others serving that market to understand key trends and opportunities, a new study by has found.  “With consumers turning both to online platforms and traditional offline retail, the bridal wear industry is experiencing a unique blend of modern and traditional consumer behaviors,” the report notes.

Some major findings from the report:

  • The global market for bridal wear, estimated at $61.1 billion in 2022, is projected to reach $83.5 billion by 2030. Offline sales are projected to grow 4 percent annually to $71.3 billion by the end of the analysis period, while the online segment is expected to grow 3.7 percent yearly for the same period.
  • Traditional bridal wear is getting redesigned as fewer millennials seek a conventional wedding.
  • Plus-size bridal wear offers huge untapped market potential.
  • Social media influencers continue to drive apparel and event choices related to weddings.
  • Ready-to-wear, lower-priced wedding dresses are cannibalizing the market share of high-end brands.

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