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Victoria’s Secret Adds AI to Online Shopping

Part of its multi-year partnership with Google Cloud, the retailer will be infusing online platforms with generative artificial intelligence technology




PHOTO: Courtesy of L Brands/Victoria’s Secret, Columbus, Ohio

Victoria’s Secret & Co. (Reynoldsburg, Ohio) announced it will enter a strategic, multi-year partnership with Google Cloud (Mountain View, Calif.). This partnership will include infusing Google Cloud’s artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI technology into its digital platforms. This infusion is “to improve customer and associate experiences and drive operational efficiencies within the business,” according to the press release.

“We are strategically implementing AI to help us better use data to benefit our customers and enhance internal processes. We’re excited about the potential use cases including international expansion planning to marketing development and supply chain optimization,” said Murali Sundararajan, Chief Information Officer at Victoria’s Secret & Co. “These initiatives could not only streamline our operations but also enable us to better meet the needs of our customers and associates.”


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