Compliance Initiative

The purpose of the Shop! Compliance Initiative was to understand the level of successful execution of in-store marketing programs. This included an understanding of successful delivery and setup of displays, in the correct location and with the right products, over a variety of retail channels and display types. The intent was to establish a benchmark for current compliance rates, and also to understand the cost of lost sales opportunities resulting from non-compliance.

Compliance Initiative White Paper
An overview from the findings of the 2015 Compliance Initiative – Mass Merchant Channel.

POP Compliance 2016

2015 Compliance Initiative Report
A deep dive into the Mass Merchant channel.

2015 Compliance Initiative Webinar

2014 Compliance Initiative Report
A look at the Mass, Grocery, Dollar and Convenience channels.

2014 Compliance Initiative Webinar

For more information, please contact Madeline Baumgartner, Shop! Director of Education & Research, at [email protected].