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Details Emerging on McDonald’s Spinoff

First CosMc’s locale looks to be in suburban Chicago




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CosMc’s, McDonald’s (Chicago) super-secret new restaurant concept based on a McDonaldland character from the late ’80s, looks like it will be big on drive-thrus – four, to be exact. According to Business Insider, the new brand’s first locale is allegedly being built in the Chicago suburb of Bolingbrook.

McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski first mentioned the spinoff restaurant during a company earnings call this summer. “CosMc’s is a small-format concept with all the DNA of McDonald’s but its own unique personality,” he said.

Recent posts on social media and a search of Google Maps appear to show specifics on where the chain is being launched and what it will look like, Business Insider reports.

TikToker @snackolator, who chronicles new snacks, posted a tour of a construction site in Bolingbrook, Ill., which appears to be the future home of a CosMc’s. The TikToker noted the site had four drive-thru lanes.

“The kind of conventional thinking is that this is going to be something of a competitor to like Starbucks, where it’s going to focus on the McCafe stuff and the coffee and the drinks as opposed to serving burgers and fries, which makes even more sense when you realize that this CosMc’s is being built directly next to an existing McDonald’s,” the Tiktoker said.

In addition, Scott Fredrickson posted a few photos of the building’s exterior on Facebook. He told Business Insider he passed by the location several times a week. The building appears to have a blue exterior, and a CosMc’s sign with a retro feel.


The brand is expected to have its coming out party at a McDonald’s investor event next week.


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