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Florida Cannabis Legalization Closer to Appearing on State’s 2024 Ballot

Sunshine State’s anti-weed Attorney General, however, plans blocking maneuver.





Florida is one step closer in its efforts to legalize recreational marijuana, although it still faces potential challenges. The Department of State has confirmed that the proposed ballot measure to legalize recreational marijuana has gathered enough signatures to be included on the 2024 ballot.

Despite the achievement, the proposal will undergo a review by the Florida Supreme Court and is expected to face legal opposition from State Attorney General Ashley Moody, reports POLITICO.

The constitutional amendment, put forward by Smart & Safe Florida, gathered 967,528 valid signatures, surpassing the requirement by over 70,000. Florida-based Trulieve funded the campaign, with expenses totaling $38.4 million to advance the measure.

Trulieve CEO Kim Rivers (a Global Cannabis Times 100 Most Influential in Cannabis winner) is optimistic the amendment will go forward. “We are thrilled the campaign has made this milestone and look forward to seeing this initiative on the ballot next November,” she said.

If passed, the proposal would permit individuals aged 21 and above to possess up to three ounces of marijuana for personal use. Additionally, medical marijuana treatment centers, legalized in a 2016 referendum, would be authorized to sell marijuana for recreational purposes.

Attorney General Moody, who opposed a 2022 marijuana legalization measure, referred the proposed 2024 amendment to the Florida Supreme Court for review in May. In her letter, Moody expressed her intention to argue that the proposal does not comply with state law, which requires “clear and unambiguous language.” Briefs for the case are due by July 12.

Should the proposal make it onto the ballot, it could potentially impact voter turnout, particularly among young voters, and potentially influence the 2024 elections in Florida. In recent elections, Florida supported former President Donald Trump, but Democrat Barack Obama won the state in the two preceding presidential elections.

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