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Hiring Trends for 2023: Quality Over Speed, Data Use, and More

Using tech to help find quality candidates will take center stage in coming year




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Although chaotic labor conditions are expected to continue in 2023, with some industries scrambling for candidates while others experience layoffs to reset or survive, virtually all companies are anticipated to make progress in better understanding and optimizing technology they use in the hiring process. That’s the conclusion of the just-released fifth annual “Hiring Trends Report” from Modern Hire, an enterprise hiring platform.

“Market conditions and stressors over the past couple of years have led both companies and candidates to make impulsive hiring and technology decisions that have not always worked out for either party,” said Modern Hire CEO Karin Borchert. “In 2023, we expect to see HR professionals leave reactionary measures behind, and focus on quality hiring techniques that drive efficiency, effectiveness, engagement and ethical outcomes.”

Drawing on survey work, client feedback and industry-specific data analysis, Modern Hire identified three notable hiring trends for 2023: A renewed focus on hiring quality — not a push to maximize hiring speed; more responsible use of AI when it comes to hiring; and “intelligent interviewing,” which uses data and eschews the more traditional interview process.

“Quality of hire” is tough to measure, considering on-job performance is not tracked consistently, Borchert noted. But the thinking is that through the use of data and better AI in the interview process, hiring teams can better find those quality candidates.

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