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Open-Concept Restaurant Inspired by Sports Stadiums

Buffalo Wings & Rings creates a welcoming space with authentic design details




Buffalo Wings & Rings (Loveland, Ohio) recently partnered with design firm Nelson Worldwide (Cincinnati) to create a new dine-in concept for the restaurant, directly inspired by club-level sports restaurant and bar experiences. 

In order to create a space that’s welcoming for all ages, the design team made a gathering area for families that includes seating options away from the bar so noise and crowded areas can be avoided if necessary. Creating an open concept was an important design choice for the restaurant, allowing for ease of viewing televisions and other entertainment while dining. Inspiration was also drawn from sports stadiums as seen through its steel columns and exposed brick walls, which play off familiar stadium designs. The steel columns also feature a honeycomb motif, bringing focus back to the space’s openness and sightline visibility. All of these elements are tied together through the restaurant’s cohesive use of warm-toned wood and vibrant splashes of orange.

Partly a response to the pandemic, the restaurant also revamped its VIP to-go experience, allowing customers to place to-go orders from their cars and pick up in the same spot, removing the hassle of parking. 

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Photography: Josh Beeman, Cincinnati


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