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The Shop Windows of Coventry City Centre Pop with Color and Contrast

Visual merchandising gives a city center destroyed during World War II a fresh twist




Curated by Charles Levine, The Shop Windows of Coventry city center invite artists, architects, designers and other creatives to take over retail display windows across the city’s core.

The rotating series of windows engages potential shoppers, offering a fresh twist on the city center, which was destroyed during World War II, and reimagined post-war by architect Donald Gibson.

The windows utilize vibrant color and contrasting patterns to create unique design narratives. One of the creators of this project was architect and designer Adam Nathaniel Furman, whose windows, “Coventry Phoenix Priding” celebrates the colorful spirit of Coventry, a city rising from the flames to reinvent, improve and celebrate its citizens.

“My colors, shapes and patterns speak of the joyful mixing together of local context, an exuberant queerness, and an inclusively sensual and direct engagement with visitors of all backgrounds and ages,” said Furman.

MAMIMU (June Mineyama-Smithson), another featured designer, centers her work around themes of harmony and optimism through an animation of infinite doors, inviting audiences to look ahead.

“Coventry 2021 clearly understands the power of culture and creativity to move us forward and I am delighted to be part of this amazing force,” said MAMIMU. “I am hoping to spread a sense of joy and optimism through my work.”


The rotating displays, which will run through May 2022, offer a new experience for shoppers each time they visit.



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