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Wendy’s Unveils First Global Next Gen Restaurants

200 locales slated to have chain’s latest look by end of 2024




PHOTOGRAPHY: Rendering Courtesy of Wendy’s

The Wendy’s Co. (Dublin, Ohio) has opened its first two Global Next Gen restaurants, while also finalizing a new high-capacity kitchen option for such layouts. Both designs were created to enhance customer, crew and franchisee experiences, accelerating growth across Wendy’s global restaurant footprint, the fast-food giant says.

Wendy’s restaurants featuring the updated design include self-order kiosks, passthrough order pick-up shelving, and dedicated parking for mobile order pick-up help to create a more convenient experience for digital-first customers. The high-capacity kitchen design is for high-volume restaurants, featuring a new dual-sided kitchen layout and increased equipment capacity for greater order throughput.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Courtesy of Wendy’s

“The Global Next Gen future-forward design unlocks 400 times the capacity for digital orders, accelerating the system’s digital growth,” said Wendy’s President, International & Chief Development Officer Abigail Pringle. “By bringing Global Next Gen from cutting-edge blueprints to successful openings in less than one year, Wendy’s global structure is enabling system-wide expansion optimized to the digital age.”

The first Wendy’s Global Next Gen restaurants are now open in Great Bend., Kan., and Edmond, Okla., with more than 200 such outlets slated to open through 2024. Overall, the company operates about 7000 locales.



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