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ChatGPT Already Making an Impact in Retail

Artificial intelligence chatbot used for product description, shopping assistance and inventory management





While the ramifications of full-blown, widespread use of artificial intelligence by retailers remains to be seen, OpenAI’s high-profile ChatGPT app is already in use at many such companies. Here’s how, according to Retail Daily:

* Writing product descriptions

ChatGPT is useful when working with an existing data set such as product inventory. That said, people still need to be involved in every step of this process to make sure descriptions are free of errors or plagiarism and that a brand’s tone is followed. While ChatGPT allows for faster content creation, it’s not a replacement for editors and quality-assurance teams.

* Providing real-time shopping assistance

Companies such as Shopify and Instacart are using ChatGPT to create shopping-assistance chatbots. These kinds of uses show OpenAI is evolving from an experimentation/research firm into a consumer tech company.

* Inventory management


ChatGPT can track inventory by analyzing point-of-sale systems, online orders and warehouse-management systems to forecast demand. This either requires using an API for integration or actively inputting data sets.

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