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As a member of Shop! you can take advantage of an array of research reports, white papers, webinars, and studies designed to keep you current with events and trends in our ever-changing industry. These research tools can help you make better, more informed decisions, advance your career, build your brand and build your business.

So, for a deeper understanding of our industry, its market structure, sizing, and direction, click on any of the links below.

Members Only Reports

As a member of Shop! you have access to proprietary reports that cover a broad spectrum of our business, including real estate, economic forecasts and analyses, and trend reports.

Crittenden Retail Tenants Report
Shop! Economic Advisor

Journal of Shopper Research

The mission of the Journal of Shopper Research (JSR) is to publish quality academic and commercial research that provides new knowledge and understanding of shopper behavior with the potential to improve business practice. JSR articles help to identify the customer, product, and contextual factors that are most influential in the shopper’s journey and drive the conversion of consumer demand into purchase.

The 2018 Spring issue, sponsored by Ryan Scott, is available here.

Compliance Initiative Study

This initiative includes reports, white papers and webinars exploring and tracking the successful delivery and setup of displays to establish a compliance benchmark and understand the financial impact of non-compliance.

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Industry Reports/White Papers

Shop! Reports and White Papers provide insights that help guide member companies towards successful business solutions.

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Industry Size & Composition Study

Through detailed reports and informative webinars, you’ll gain a deeper, richer understanding of the size, scope and future of the shopper marketing, store fixtures, and visual merchandising industry.

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Shop! ROI Standards Program

In our continual effort to drive an industry dialogue on ROI, Shop! is pioneering the development of industry standards for ROI for both In-Store Marketing Materials and Store Redesign projects.

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Shopper Engagement Study Reports

How do shoppers prepare for a store visit? How do they navigate the in-store experience? And where do they make their purchase decisions? This study can help you answer those vital questions. You can choose from an aggregate report offering a comprehensive view of Mass Merchant and Grocery shoppers and detailed category reports with
in-depth information on twenty-one key retailing categories.

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Shopper Engagement Study Category Report Webinars

These highly informative webinars explore many of the key questions addressed in our Shopper Engagement Studies: How do shoppers prepare for a store visit? How do they navigate the
in-store experience? And where do they make their purchase decisions. Categories explored include: Candy, Cookies, Healthcare, Personal Care, Salty Snacks and Toys & Games.

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Storedits [stor-ditz] is an analytical qualitative survey (or store audit) of a retail space. The report targets specific areas to identify trends and understand how displays and promotional messaging are being used in different retail channels and across different countries.

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Compensation Reports

Shop! Presents the ManpowerGroup Solutions Retail Supplier Market Intelligence and Compensation Report Program. Using ManpowerGroup Solutions proprietary reporting, Shop! is offering members complimentary access to comprehensive retail hiring analysis. The analysis in these reports will help the retail industry as it competes for workers who seek new ways of working, value flexibility and want the ability to choose their own schedule.

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