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Retailers Prepare for Consumer Cutbacks During Holidays

Sixty-seven percent of respondents are expecting customers to seek discounts




PHOTOGRAPHY: Shutterstock PHOTOGRAPHY: Shutterstock

Roughly 71 percent of respondents in a recent survey conducted by CNBC say they are concerned about customers cutting back on holiday spending this year, despite recent national monthly retail sales being stronger than anticipated.

Retailers are reportedly ordering less stock for the holiday season, and two-thirds of respondents (67 percent) in the CNBC Supply Chain Survey said they’re expecting shoppers to be on the lookout for discounts this year.

Because of this, roughly 77 percent of items being ordered by retailers to sell in store are middle price-point items while luxury/high-end items (memorabilia, electronics and apparel) only represent 17 percent of orders.

VP of Supply Chain and Customs Policy at the National Retail Federation (Washington, D.C.) says the results of the survey proves the continuing challenges and stress for retailers and other businesses while dealing with current supply chain issues.

“Retailers are constantly working to ensure they have the right inventory mix to meet consumer demands, especially as we enter the peak shipping season for the holidays,” he says. “The ongoing challenges with the West Coast port labor negotiations and associated disruptions have certainly impacted some supply chain decisions. Many shippers have shifted cargo away from the West Coast and may decide to permanently shift away, even after the tentative deal is finalized.”

The CNBC Supply Chain Survey was conducted May 24-June 11 among 147 respondents, including the National Retail Federation (NRF), The American Footwear and Apparel Association, the United National Consumer Suppliers and the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals.



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