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Going the Extra Mile for One-Stop C-Store Shopping

Road trippers will pay more, drive farther for preferred stops: study




Popular one-stop c-store chains include Buc-ee’s. Photo: StevenStarr73/iStock by Getty Images

Nearly 80% of motorists say they are are willing to drive out of their way to visit their preferred convenience store, even if it means passing other options on the way. In addition, almost 60% of drivers would pay a markup on convenience store products if it meant making just one stop.

Those are some of the notable findings in a survey about this year’s summer travel trends by Vontier, a global industrial technology company working to create a more connected mobility ecosystem.

“The landscape of convenience stores is undergoing a significant transformation,” says Vontier President and CEO Mark Morelli. “Our research underscores the growing consumer demand for convenience and efficiency like mobile ordering in their day-to-day lives. New technologies and services are raising the bar on the convenience store experience, making it more than a stop on the journey but a destination for everything from an amazing meal and a car wash to EV charging.”

On average, the survey found, American consumers are open to a 10-11% price increase for items like made-to-order meals and snacks, and as much as a 9% increase for household essentials if it meant cutting out multiple stops on their journey.

This willingness to pay a premium for convenience is present despite ongoing concerns about rising food prices and the cost of basic goods and services in the U.S. The survey suggests that while price remains a factor, consumers increasingly value the time-saving benefits of convenience stores.

With half of Americans visiting convenience stores at least once a week, this willingness to pay more for convenience is not just a vacation road trip splurge, but a purchasing decision that’s being made frequently.


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