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Goodsurf Sets Dallas Debut

Surfing/pickleball/dining complex opens June 20




A rendering of Goodsurf’s soon-to-open complex in Dallas. PHOTO: URBAN ENTERTAINMENT CONCEPTS

Anyone interested in surfing in Dallas can soon “hang 10” locally, when Goodsurf, a surfing/pickleball/dining concept, make its debut. Powered by a surf-wave system developed by a German company that it acquired North American rights to last year, Goodsurf “aims to break down the barrier of surfing while offering a unique dining and entertainment experience,” parent company Urban Entertainment Concepts (Denver) said in a news release about its June 20 debut.

The complex, on the former site of a sand volleyball/bar in the Deep Ellum district east of downtown Dallas, will feature a pool-like installation with deep water both in front of and behind a standing, adjustable wave up to 6 feet tall. It’s also home to four rentable pickleball courts, a beer garden and an indoor restaurant.

“While surfing is in our name, it’s not our entire identity,” said Goodsurf CEO Zach Shor. “We aim to create transformative experiences and provide a space where people can enjoy each other’s company. Everything is better by the water: food tastes better, beer is crisper, and you feel more relaxed. We want our guests to feel this way whenever they walk through our doors.”

Adds Andrew Limbocker, a Goodsurf co-owner and head of Citywave USA, the sister unit responsible for the surfing system: “Surfing isn’t the most accessible sport, especially since Dallas lacks a nearby ocean. Citywave has revolutionized the sport by offering a land-locked entry point. It’s the safest way to learn and have fun; easy to learn but hard to master for beginners to experienced riders.”


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