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Mizzen+Main Flagship Store Gets a New Look

Menswear retailer teams with Bergmeyer for makeover at Dallas locale




Photography: Courtesy of Mizzen+Main Photography: Courtesy of Mizzen+Main

Mizzen+Main’s flagship store in Dallas’ West Village has undergone a refresh designed in partnership with the Bergmeyer (Boston).

“We’ve looked to create a space that embraces Mizzen+Main’s communal nature,” says Eric Kuhn, Design Practice Leader for Bergmeyer. “The store is about promoting discovery and encouraging engagement, achieved through a sequence of touchpoints that connects, inspires and encourages interaction.”

Mizzen+Main, which sells menswear, consistently utilizes brutalism in its photography as a background against which it displays fun, comfortable and easy-going characters.

“We want to help our customers feel unaffected by what is stereotypically imposing and oppressive architecture,” says Richard Ross, the brand’s Creative Director. “This new store design provides a unique in-person experience that allows you to cross the threshold and become fully immersed in that feeling.”

The new Mizzen+Main store is less about the transaction and more about showing customers what it’s like to feel comfortable exactly where they are, the retailer says.

“Our West Village location has been a staple of the brand for years, and I couldn’t be more excited for how this new design brings Mizzen+Main to life,” says President Ryan Kent. “This project is a representation of how our employees and partners were able to think big and follow through with an excellent result.”


Founded in 2012, Mizzen+Main has six stores: four in Texas (Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and Austin) and one apiece in Oklahoma (Oklahoma City) and Florida (Tampa).







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